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Property Assessment, Columbus, OH

We offer property assessment services to local clients, providing peace of mind and knowledge.

When you purchase a residential or commercial property, you typically get a report on the condition of key elements and systems. But over time, those things can wear out and experience issues, often with little to no warning. Unfortunately, most property owners fail to keep up with the necessary maintenance, which increases the risk of problems. At Elements Roofing & Construction, we can help you know what’s going on with the exterior of your Columbus, Ohio structure. We offer property assessment services to local clients, providing peace of mind and knowledge.

Our team includes experienced and dedicated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. We can assess the roofing, siding, and drainage system of your structure, providing insights into the performance and condition of all key elements. During the property assessment, we will also look for signs of damage that may impact the safety and structural integrity of the building. Even a minor issue can become a major problem, especially if it involves moisture damage. Water can spread quickly and increase the risk of mold growth and structural corrosion.

Additionally, because many of the problems associated with significant weather impacts are not immediately apparent, we advise scheduling a property assessment after a major storm has affected your property. Our team can provide you with peace of mind that everything is functioning properly. And if we find any evidence of issues, we’re well-equipped to resolve them. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a property assessment or schedule a service with our team of professionals.

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