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Rain gutters are crucial to every building, so it’s important to make sure yours are in good condition

Here in Columbus, Ohio, we get about 40 inches of rain and 22 inches of snow per year, on average. When the weather conditions change, it’s important to make sure your home has the proper systems and materials in place to prevent damage. A leaky roof can be extremely concerning when it’s raining or snowing, as can an ineffective drainage system. The moisture needs somewhere to go, or it may settle on top of your roof and cause significant damage. Some of the key components of your home’s drainage system are the rain gutters, which allow the moisture to move off the roof and drain in the proper location.

Without functional rain gutters, the moisture may drain on your foundation, leading to cracks and other damage. Additionally, when water drains in the wrong place, it may create a slipping hazard, particularly when it’s cold and icy. Rain gutters are crucial to every building, so it’s important to make sure yours are in good condition. We recommend inspecting your gutters at few times per year to check for seam separation, clogging, damage, or separation from the fascia of the house.
If you notice any of these issues or your rain gutters are not sufficient at your home or business, contact us at Elements Roofing & Construction. We offer a variety of gutter services, including replacement, repair, and installation. When our experienced team members provide gutter service, we stand behind the quality of our work, which is backed by a full warranty and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

We offer our services in Columbus, Dublin, Pickerington, and Grove City.

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